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Garden of Royal Alcazars of Seville


Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, with a hot summer and a mild winter, Spain is one of the most pleasant places to spend a holiday at. Discover the culture of this amazing country.

UFO Bridge


Small country in Central Europe, Slovakia has a remarkably diverse nature, with beautiful flora and fauna. One can visit beautiful castles, spectacular architecture,  vibrant cities and delicious local cuisine.

Norway waterfall


The Northern lights, the hundreds of fjords, the rivers and mountains and the cold winters make Norway one of the most photogenic countries in the world. 

Bridge of Tiberius


The boot shaped country has one of the richest culture in the world. The Italian Alps, the Venetian gondola, the Vatican in Rome, the famous Italian cuisine are a few of Italy´s trademarks for which the country is a must-visit place.

Trick Fountain in the courtyard of Hellb


Ski resorts in winter and cool wanders in summer are inviting visitors to spend their holiday enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Austrian Alps. The fantastic cities of Vienna and Salzburg offer also great activities.

Sunrise view from Sky Garden


Amazing castles, modern, vibrant royal cities, breathtaking landscapes are awaiting the visitors who wish to discover the British culture, history, cuisine and nature.

San Marino Landscape


Europe´s third smallest country is a fascinating place. On a sunny day the entire country is visible from Monte Titano, the highest peak of this small independent republic. Discover the charming country of San Marino

Eckernforde at sunset


The country of  football and car fans, beer drinkers and sausage eaters Germany is in the middle of Europe with a beautifully varied geography. Discover beautiful German cities and breathtaking landscapes.

Gellért Square Budapest


Home of Törley champagne, Tokaji wine, Unicum liqueur and gulyás, Hungary is a beautiful small country with hundreds of thermal baths and culturally rich cities.

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